Erika Jayne Girardi the True Crime Musical

  Erika Jayne is finally the star of her show. The season premier of RHOBH is airing now and this time she isn't sharing the spotlight with any of her co-stars. Listen to the Goodbye Glam Squad podcast here. Sadly, that's due to the headline- grabbing fall of her estranged husband disgraced former L.A. mega lawyer Tom Girardi, who is accused of robbing tens of millions from the vulnerable and the bereft. In a lawsuit filed in Northern District of Illinois Federal Court, Chicago attorney Jay Edelson compares Girardi to the notorious embezzler Bernie Madoff and accuses Girardi of presiding over a Ponzi scheme that included his wife, television personality Erika Jayne Girardi and a company she controls. The  longtime B-story wife may find the focus a little uncomfortable. Though she may not be a wife, Erika Jayne is still fighting for her right to live the good life. Variety said: “She’s bragged about spending $40,000 a month on her glam, and has surrounded herself with several mi

Erika Jayne Girardi Scandal Bingo

  The season 11 trailer for RHOBH dropped yesterday and I think we are all going to really need this bingo card.  Cheers! But then this show is known for raising expectations and flopping...we shall see, won’t we?